Most conversations just scratch the surface. They fail to address the real issues or needs at hand. And then we wonder why things don’t change.

Ensure the most important topics are being discussed in meetings—whether they’re 1:1 meetings between managers and their reports or meetings with your sales team and new clients

Discover how day-to-day conversations address and close competency gaps. Learn how conversations are the linchpin of the 21st century leader and how it integrates in any talent development initiative.

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We like to think of the Fierce Coaching training as the Swiss army knife of conversational tools. It serves multiple purposes. Because it draws out solutions, it is perfect for internal and external client-facing positions, sales teams, and leaders in more traditional coaching roles.

Fierce Coaching addresses some traditional, and less effective, coaching models which are based on advice giving instead of self-actualization. Too often, we focus on giving advice when self-realization is infinitely more impactful. The Fierce Coaching approach focuses on asking the right questions, to lead individuals to discover their own professional development path, instead of being told.


  • Learn to ask questions that help someone process an issue or obstacle
  • Identify the core reasons inhibiting headway and help someone discover what to do about them
  • Create viable, potent next steps for overcoming problems with a real plan towards action

The best part is that anyone can do this. Using what we call the Mineral Rights Model, anyone can get to the crux of the matter by connecting the head with the heart.


A powerful, deep-dive conversation tool used by coaches globally, this model is effective at getting to the heart of the pupil’s needs. Its simplicity results in instant gratification and most participants master its use by the end of training.

This model is extremely impactful and versatile in its use. Other Fierce programs like Confrontation,FeedbackAccountability, and Generations use a version of the model because of its effectiveness.


  • Surface and address issues critical to success
  • Stimulate self-generated insight and curiosity
  • Provide the push for action or change
  • Learn more by asking clarifying questions

Effective business coaching conversations develop self-reliance and accountability, get you out of theadvice-giving mode, and uncover viable solutions.

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