At PDA we believe this:

That there is a deep need to connect in all of us.

Connection, conversation, and relationships are what make the world go round. When people feel seen, and heard, and connected they feel alive, and know that they matter

ultimately we want our clients to walk away with practical solutions that get them real and lasting results
— Sarah Vogel, PDA co-founder

So our passion is to help people unlock their capacity to connect, show up and build relationships 

How do we do this? With our fantastic team, through events, courses, and coaching that all focus hard in on the skills that get amazing results. Our mission is to be the best team you have ever worked with

What matters to us:

We are highly authentic, engaging, straight talking people who are genuinely good company on the learning journey. We’re not ‘entertainers’ and we're not big fans of the latest training gimmicks.

Our core values are

People come first (but results matter too)

This means we place relationship and partnership at the core of whatever we undertake: ensuring that we build amazing relationships with our suppliers, clients and associates

We stay fiercely connected throughout and after a learning event. We make ourselves available before, during and after a course if needed, not only to coach but also to offer email support through challenging situations.

Also, we are a small company so when you partner with us you will always be able to speak to someone who works directly with you and knows your business. 

Passion for excellence

We ensure through conversation, performance reviews, monitoring outcomes and client satisfaction, that we always deliver beyond expectations.

Our people really want to be the best, and are personally committed to being wonderful partners to work with.

All our team are hand picked and have a passion for service excellence - if they don’t have that, they don’t get to work with us (and they love working with PDA!). All of us love to surprise and delight our customer: that’s what makes us tick.

Integrity and authenticity

We refuse to be the kind of training team that does no learning themselves. Learning and development is our passion, not just for our clients but for ourselves. Coaches that don’t have coaches and trainers that don’t go on courses are anathema to us.

Focus on results

We start any relationship and intervention by asking ‘what results are you looking for?’ and make sure our focus is always on those results whatever we do and wherever we work. We are proud of our fantastic reputation for excellence in the design and delivery of learning events and continue to evolve our offer based on the changing needs of our clients and the unknown world emerging around us. You can read more about our working relationships here.