Fierce Accountability

Fierce Accountability

Fierce Accountability is a desire to take responsibility for results; a bias towards solution, action. It is an attitude, a personal, private, non-negotiable choice about how to live your life.

Fierce Accountability is based on the foundations of Fierce Conversations®: Interrogate Reality, Provoke Learning, Tackle Tough Issues and Enrich Relationships. This powerful workshop teaches leaders how to create a culture where people choose personal accountability as a way of life, delivering agreed-upon results, despite obstacles.

Accountability is the single most powerful, most desired, yet least understood characteristic of a successful environment. “Holding people accountable” generates tension, yet without accountability, time and energy is spent generating excuses about why something did or did not happen. It’s human nature to blame other people or circumstances for our problems. 

Individuals, teams and organisations pay a high price for this behaviour. Strategies adopted in reaction to this behaviour result in solutions that are half-hearted, safe, passive and diluted. Worse yet, sometimes the result is no action at all.

We believe our context (beliefs, attitudes, opinions, “truths”) determines how we experience the content of our lives. This workshop is designed to help participants recognize the cost of blaming, protecting, defending and playing it safe. In contrast, the advantages of taking responsibility for their lives, relationships, challenges and results become clear. Participants develop a new context about accountability, one in which they welcome responsibility.


Increased productivity, satisfaction, and job enjoyment regardless of challenging constraints

Effective responses to those who have a context of blame, protection or defense

Skills to build a culture of accountability within a team or organisation

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