Fierce Conversations training workshops will not only help you develop the skills to confront and resolve your toughest challenges, but will also teach you how to enrich your relationships by focusing on the conversations which really matter. The ones which are central to the results you're looking for. 

Working with our brilliant facilitator team, you’ll not only make the connection between conversations, relationships and success but you'll also master team conversations, coaching conversations, confronting conversations and delegation conversations.

So what is a Fierce Conversation?

The simplest definition is one in which we "come out from behind ourselves, into the conversation, and make it real" in other words, one where we reveal our real thoughts and focus on what really matters. While many fear such real conversations, it is the unreal conversations that ought to concern us because they are incredibly costly, both in time wasted and the opportunities for change that are thrown away.

Once you practise candour - paired with intelligence, passion and skill - your possibilities will be expanded. This new candour will fundamentally change you and your organisation.

In the workshop you will learn and practise seven principles of Fierce Conversations and discover how together with the 4 conversational models,  they can transform your leadership skills, shake up your performance management, and transform the culture in your team and organisation.

7 Principles

  • Master the courage to interrogate reality®
  • Come out from behind yourself, into the conversation, and make it real®
  • Be here, prepared to be nowhere else®
  • Tackle your toughest challenge today®
  • Obey your instincts®
  • Take responsibility for your emotional wake®
  • Let silence do the heavy lifting®

A Fierce programme will help all leaders achieve a working environment that values initiative, agility and risk taking. It will help leaders focus on results and proper accountability; with initiatives that are implemented effectively. Many other benefits include improved ability to attract and retain customers, more effective staff management and improved confrontation of attitude, performance or behavioural issues. Fierce is used around the world to develop global leaders, fit for the 21st century and its challenges.

For more information about our Fierce Conversations workshops please contact us via our contact page