Fierce Negotiations 

Fierce Negotiations 


Negotiating is often viewed as a struggle in which one side must lose for the other to win.
Fierce Negotiations re-frames the process of negotiation using Fierce techniques and models to get the best deal and enrich the relationship.

Fierce Negotiators are not steam rollers, going over or through individuals to get what they want. Nor are they win-win optimists, willing to give anything for a yes. They take the time to interrogate reality and provoke learning to understand the full landscape and arrive at the best possible deal. Whether or not that deal comes to fruition, the relationship is improved and the greatest, long-term outcome is achieved.


  • Expand the possibilities by envisioning larger outcomes
  • Use real life examples to enhance negotiation skills
  • Identify and respond effectively to common tactics
  • Transform emotionally charged negotiations into a catalyst for new solutions
  • Apply skills to negotiations with internal & external partners
  • Understand the role of negotiations in all relationships
  • Close negotiations effectively


  • Properly prepare for internal and external negotiations
  • Build strong, long-lasting client business relationships
  • Identify your own negotiation style and learn others
  • Examine shared potential beyond the current negotiation
  • Recognize and respond effectively to commonly used tactics
  • Confidently close negotiations while being mindful of the ongoing relationship

Fierce negotiators are authentic, clear in resolve, and skilled at examining competing perspectives. They use their negotiation skills to direct the conversation to a place where new and expanded solutions are discovered.