Why Fierce?

We believe that practising Fierce concepts and models will change the way leaders connect with each other and their teams; alter their perceptions of what it means to lead, and embed the tools that will propel them and their teams towards the results and successes they are looking for.

Teaching Fierce also creates opportunity for participants- having learned the tools- to use the practice sessions to focus on topics and actions relevant to their current challenges which can be extremely helpful for intact teams

"Fierce Conversations has made an amazing difference"

"I very rarely make recommendations, but I used Fierce Conversations as part of an intensive leadership programme at Wolverhampton Homes and it has made an amazing difference. All my mangers are much more confident in dealing with issues of inappropriate conduct or capability; indeed these issues are less likely to arise because of greater staff involvement and improved all round staff management skills.

As managers, we now have a shared language and style of behaviour which gets the best out of our terrific workforce. I am proud to say that learning how to have Fierce Conversations has definitely helped us to attain 3 Stars with Excellent Prospects from the Audit Commission who recognised our strong leadership and massive cultural change."

Lesley Roberts, CEO

Wolverhampton Homes