Our mediation process is a highly successful and a cost effective way of resolving conflict in an organisation.

We will work with two or more people in dispute to reach an agreement. In most cases our approach takes just one day. 

What is mediation?

Future focused - concerned with how things will be from now on

Optional - parties can withdraw from the process at any stage

Quick and cost-effective - one meeting is often enough

Confidential - information shared is not disclosed to anyone

Empowering - the parties retain control of the outcome

“Mediation is where an impartial third party, the mediator, helps two or more people in dispute to attempt to reach an agreement. Any agreement comes from those in dispute, not from the mediator. The mediator is not there to judge, to say one person is right and the other wrong, or to tell those involved in the mediation what they should do. The mediator is in charge of the process of seeking to resolve the problem but not the outcome." CIPD: Mediation, an Employers Guide.

What kind of disputes?

-Usually involve complex issues such as disciplinary, grievance, harassment, allegations of bulling or harassment

How long does it take? 

-Most issues are resolved successfully within one day