A Yes, is a Yes, is a Yes?

Tasha George thinks of the impact of the different ways we say Yes

Doing it differently

I was talking to a good friend of mine about a time recently when my usual behaviour and instinct to a choice was to say ‘no’ but a tiny yet powerful championing voice was shouting ‘Yes’ and it was so compelling that I said yes – and it turned out to be the right thing to do.


This, I said, is different to someone else I know who automatically says ‘Yes’ to everything even before it has reached their brain. They say yes and then find out what needs to happen in order to make it brilliant afterwards. It has served them well.


Nearly, nearly, nearly, Yes

This is that yes that has to make it through layers of wadding first – its in there, waiting to be given the time to be voiced but the wadding has to be taken off first. It can cause delay and I guess the risk is that someone else gets the chance before we do!



I do this. I really mean yes and yet the word no comes out. Often I regret it, sometimes I can backtrack but it does mean that I miss out – usually in my personal life and it is something that I want to pay attention to this year. Maybe taking my time before answering and extroverting my thoughts will help.


What have I missed? And what does your way gain/cost you?


By Tasha George