From zero sum to win-win with positive influencing.

PDA’s Sarah Vogel says influencing is not an adversary sport with winners and losers. Organisational change means you need to demonstrate an influence that is positive for you and your colleagues.

Individuals can no longer rely on what we would call ‘position power’ within organisations as businesses become flatter.

Job titles that may have conveyed authority have either disappeared or often don’t carry their past aurora of power.

But we still need to get things done. And so we still need to have influence.

And to have long-lasting influence in an organisation, we need to bring people along with us.

"your influencing will diminish if you indulge in  fake consulting "    -Sarah Vogel PDA

"your influencing will diminish if you indulge in fake consulting"    -Sarah Vogel PDA

This is a mindset thing: if you aim ‘to win, no matter what, at all costs’, it may affect your style, may impact aggressively and damage your relationships in the long term.

If you always press your agenda and aim for win-lose people may comply, but could be resentful.

And your influence will diminish if you indulge in ‘fake consulting’ when you have already made your mind up.

Real influence is not a zero sum game in an organisation, with one person winning out over another. Positive influence is aiming for win- win for you and your colleagues.

Positive influencing sees you taking more responsibility for your actions and trying harder to understand the other party’s interests and agenda.

Zero sum game playing is best left on the sports field.