What makes a great training venue?

I guess the answer to this may depend on whether you are a delegate or delivering the training! I am lucky enough to be on both sides but for this bit of blog I am going to think about it as a trainer – what turns a useful space into a creative and inspiring place?  

    • Natural light – both for the training rooms and the break out spaces
    • Equipment that works – from flip chart pens to blinds
    • Clear instructions from the venue – What are the arrangements for food, parking, fire alarms and overnight accommodation if relevant?
    • People who are happy to sort things out – move chairs, add  a table, get an extra flipchart pad, those things that happen


As I think of the venues we use for clients and our own workshops, as well as the practical things I can tick off a list, there is the added sparkle of the relationship that we build with the people at the training places. The Studio, Lane End Conference Centre and Warwick Conferences all have this sparkle and we are looking forward to developing more.


What do you think needs to go on this list? Have you got a recommendation for a venue that is creative and inspiring?

If, as a delegate, you have some additions or amendments to this it would be fabulous to hear them!