Do your efforts to get what you want or need, or influence change, or move agendas along result in any of the following?

Conflict: people resist you either aggressively or passively, your approach inspires others to ‘dig their heels in’ or say yes to your face and do the opposite behind your back

Compliance: people follow you…but sometimes you sense it is grudgingly. Maybe they are afraid to say no to you for fear of recrimination. Maybe they lack a personal sense of accountability and would just rather do what they are told instead of think for themselves. Maybe they comply at first but as soon as you are out of sight they go off track…?

Feeling ineffectual:  perhaps you occasionally get a creeping sense of being ignored…talked over… or that your fantastic idea doesn’t land right (until someone else suggests it, or takes the credit for it)

Would you rather be creating commitment?

  • people are keen and motivated to work with you on your plans, yet not afraid to challenge your ideas.  
  • you create a culture of personal accountability around you, where people don’t wait to be told but get on with ‘doing the right thing’.
  • you get a sense that when you ask people to do things, that they commit wholeheartedly and lean in

and impact?

  • you are not afraid to speak out in meetings
  • you can energise a room
  • your body language encourages people to listen and respond
  • you tend to only have to ask once
  • people trust you
  • your confidence shows

Our best selling and highly applicable Influencing Skills training includes an insightful exploration of influencing strengths & preferences, and a practical, behavioural toolkit which balances and strengthens all round capability in this area.

The influencing skills that we teach are applicable across a wide range of work and life situations. People leave knowing how to achieve a balanced & effective range of influencing skills, having practised implementing them in a safe but challenging environment. 

“I learnt something in every part of the positive influencing course. I wish I’d done it 30 years ago”
— SD, manager: Food Manufacturing

What will you go away with?

• 6 positive influencing tools which will enable you to influence skilfully and in a balanced way, in a wide variety of situations, including those where line authority, expertise or your own resources may be limited.

• Strategies to help build relationships and understand others’ agendas.

• Skills and tips to maximise your own impact and effectiveness while influencing from your own agenda.

• Key personalised development strategies which will help you to unlock your own full influencing potential.


This is a highly experiential, enjoyable and practical workshop and will include lots of process variety, practise, coaching and feedback from other participants and the course tutors. All our tutors are trained coaches, and are able to give support and challenge during the workshop, and also afterwards in either email or tele-coaching format.