Delivering Fierce Conversations at the University of Sheffield

Sheffield University The University of Sheffield’s Learning and Development team is putting the ideas and principles of Fierce Conversations into practice across the university.


PDA’s Fierce trainers worked with ten members of the Learning and Development team so that they could then train their Sheffield colleagues independently.


Jane Ginniver, HR Manager, Leadership & Management Development, at the University of Sheffield, says:


“The flexibility of the Fierce model is what has made it so appealing as our staffing groups are so diverse - this model is relevant for everyone.”


Jane notes some of the commitments participants have made following their training include:



• To stop putting off tackling tough challenges

• To not put off talking to a team member where there are problems – nip it in the bud!

• Think more about the impact of interactions with staff.


Jane explains:


“Since September 2014, we have facilitated Fierce Conversations in a variety of formats for 57 of our staff. Another 60 people are booked in to attend over the next couple of months. We are aiming to ensure all our managers access the Fierce 'Foundations' session in the next 2 years, building on this with the conversational models for specified staffing groups."


You can find more details about Fierce here.