How to deal with red flashing lights: Fierce Open Workshops

Just when you think that the economy is getting better: a Prime Minister chips in to say ‘beware’.


So what should you do if the lights are flashing red on the dashboard?


Our Sarah Vogel says continuing doing the same isn’t a plausible option.


“What you have done in the past might get you to a good position but it isn’t going to get you to an outstanding one” Sarah explains. “And it’s being outstanding that will make you and your organisation more resilient.”


Your heart might be sinking if you’re thinking that you will need to throw everything at the situation.


Not so.


“It’s the way we talk to, and work with our colleagues and those around us which is key,” says Sarah. “It’s connecting positively and dealing with the real challenges that confront us.”


The public and private sector delegates on our Fierce Open Workshop in Birmingham on December 2nd and 3rd will be working on improving their own conversations and the ways they collaborate.


That will put them in good stead for dealing with what is actually flashing red on their dashboard.