Unlikely uses of positive feedback by Fletcher Age 7

Sweet or Sour?

This is Fletcher - he is 7 and actually really likes strawberries. However his face looks as though these are going to be a sour taste to handle and it seemed the perfect image to go with his wonderful example of unlikely uses for positive feedback.


Its all kicking off!

Fletcher and his friend had been playing with some friends this week, suddenly the two of them came running over to me with streams of protest about how the girls were being mean to them and how they took their drink bottles and, as I tried to decipher the two stories being told at once, there was a general sense of something 'kicking off'!


Positive feedback about being mean

My friend and I sat and listened to the simultaneous stories and then I asked Fletcher "What were you doing when this all started?" His reply was "I was giving the girls some positive feedback about them being mean".


I have to say that I have dug around a little to find out what this positive feedback was and I have yet to find out the exact words, but it is along the lines of telling the girls that the boys didn't like what the girls were doing. Just one example of how positive feedback can be used - and that saying something is better than saying nothing. Even if, like Fletcher above, we think the aftertaste will be sour, it is more likely to be sorted out and then we can all play together.