Implementing change by Jennie Bracewell, Le Monde Petit Nursery

'I suspect like most companies we have had many staffing issues over the years, which have been quite costly especially in management time to resolve the problems.  

As part of a strategy to change we decided to try and adopt a “coaching culture” within the workplace to try and help empower the workforce.


We enlisted the help of PDA to help with the thought process, of implementing the change.


My biggest revelation throughout the journey has been the recruitment process. Often I’ve found myself in the position of filling a post out of time pressured need. This has been the root of all our staffing issues.


We have now developed a recruitment process to dig into the passion, pride and values of the candidate.


It’s been a costly lesson to learn and I cannot believe the answer was so simple, take your time with the recruitment process, it is better to wait for the right candidate than take on someone who you know “isn’t just right”...'


by Jennie Bracewell, Managing Director of Le Monde Petit