Rich conversation and fun at the HR Directors Summit

  People Development Associates at the HRD Summit

Going for a Stand

We wanted to try having a stand at this years HR Directors Summit as well as the Masterclass and it really worked! Each of us had rich conversations with people who were passing by and also found that it was a place to meet people who wanted to talk more about Fierce Conversations and what it will do for their organisation.


Eyecatching graphics

The graphics from David and Fabric were bright and straightforward. Lots of people commented on the Fierce logo and how it had caught their attention. Surprisingly we took lots of Jelly Bean Sweets home ( even though I tried to eat them all…) so maybe we should try something else next year. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Shoe watching

We noticed some amazing shoes and, aside from us wanting to find out where certain pairs had been purchased, they started some warm and interesting discussions. Brightly coloured suit linings and familiar name badges were further starters and echo the Fierce Idea that the conversation is the relationship.


Masterclass by Sarah Vogel

Sarahs Fierce Masterclass on Day 2 was brilliant. The room was full and there was a lot of note-taking and asking questions. We will get a video of the session shortly and will be posting it on the resources section for those who would like to see it. Bravo Sarah and thankyou to all of the fabulous people who attended as delegates and exhibitors.