Influencing Open Workshop at St Giles Training Suite

Fabulous Venue

We have used some amazing venues for our Open Workshops and were delighted to be invited to work with St Giles Hospice for the January Influencing Dates. Carol was so helpful with the practicalities of organising the event and when we arrived the room was even better than we had expected. There was a huge amount of natural daylight, clever layout and good quality equipment to use throughout our two days. The staff throughout St Giles were amazing - thankyou.


Mixed Up Delegates

Aside from the juicy content and sparkling delivery from David and myself (!), the feedback and engagement from the varied delegates on this workshop was priceless. On our open programmes, people come for a wide range of organisations from the very large to the self employed. This time, some of the sectors overlapped a little which led to rich examples for the behavioural sessions and everyone was generous in their listening and discovering to find out more about one anothers issues and points to tackle. I am thrilled to see that links have been made between the group which will last beyond the workshop.


Feedback about PDA

Thankyou to all of you – despite not taking us up on the offer of a video testimonial! Your feedback is very much appreciated.


Inlfuencing Open Workshopinfluencing Open WorkshopOpen Influencing WorkshopOpen Influencing Workshop