Stockport Homes' new homes for Fierce

PDA's Sarah Vogel catches up with developments at Stockport Homes as it puts Fierce into action across the organisation:  in its new HQ and its staff on the front line dealing with customers in their own homes. 

I was excited recently to visit the brand new HQ of Stockport Homes Group and chat with Liz Chadwick, its people and organisational development manager, about the impact of their new home and all things Fierce, as they continue to roll it out across the organisation. 

Wow! what an amazing new home they have! One thing I noticed as I waited for Liz in reception was how SHG colleagues were coming out from behind the desk and actually greeting visitors, using laptops to help advise customers where to go next and where to wait. It was really good to see the engagement and positive energy that created.

(They also have a lovely new coffee /food bar on the ground floor which contributes a lovely relaxed atmosphere   and the coffee is GOOD I can vouch for that).

Liz gave me a tour round all floors and explained how the layout and design was encouraging collaboration and conversation across departments as well as being a fresh and comfortable place to work.

And fast forward a few weeks and this week I have been co delivering Fierce with Jacob McEvoy from OD in the spanking new training/meeting rooms. Not only one of the best equipped and airy rooms I’ve ever worked in (fab coffee again) but also Lorraine from facilities on hand to help with everything we might need to make the workshop go smoothly.

Fierce in action on the ground

And we’ve just updated the on-going case study of our work with Stockport Homes as they implement Fierce Conversations inside and outside the new HQ. .

The update specifically focuses on the Repair 1st division of Stockport Homes, responsible for upkeep and maintenance.

The trades people here are on the frontline dealing with tenants in their own homes.

What’s clear is that Stockport Homes has found an effective way to widen the conversation so that the division’s workers feel their opinions count.

Management and tradespeople now have monthly meetings: the Staff Voice. This isn’t a place for management speak, but a place for straightforwardness, listening, and coming up with solutions.

Repair 1st's Staff Voice Meeting in action. Inspired by Fierce.

Repair 1st's Staff Voice Meeting in action. Inspired by Fierce.

As Billy Grimes, a plumber with Repair 1st, says in the case study, the meeting helps convey that everyone is on the same side.

“And we all want to make a change. We all want to support the organisation and going through the Staff Voice group is the perfect way to do it.”

Here are my lessons from this case study update:

·       Implementing Fierce helps clear away some of the barriers that may have been there in the past.

·       Fierce helps you get to what you need to talk about.

·       Fierce demonstrates that everyone has a stake in the conversation.

You can read the case study update here.