The Listening Project got me thinking


Radio 4

This morning I was listening to Radio 4 and The Listening Project came on. If you aren't familiar with it, it's a collection of recordings of people having a conversation that is being held at The British Library Sound Archive.


Each snippet draws me in, partly because I feel privileged to be hearing the honest views of two people. The subjects are far reaching and today they had the Edinburgh Festivals loosely in common.


Listening is such a precious thing

Colin and Juliette talk about how Colin's decision to go and see Juliette's live act at the Fringe had changed their lives. Its a moving snippet and it reminds me how listening to one another is such a precious thing. Colin talks about how differently his family might say he listens and that the situation around him, when he is in Edinburgh, almost allows him to be different. This situational influence resonates for me in work and home life - how we listen easily to some people at some times and yet others we tune out and don't really hear what they are saying. Someone springs to my mind that I need to do an 'Edinburgh festival' with and really take some time to listen to them.


by Tasha George