Top Tip - Use trees to gauge trends in a group


Fierce Conversations raising accountability

Doing Fierce Conversations with a group of fabulous managers last week, some of them in HR business roles and all improving performance, we were looking at the Delegation Conversation model – which deepens accountability and gets leaders focused where they are needed most.


The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

We talked about individual decision trees and how they look with tasks and areas of responsibility placed on the tree. One of the delegates – who is into innovation – looked thoughtful at the end of the session and then said how useful it would be to look at a project teams trees collectively and that by looking at them together you could gauge the health of the project or department. You would be able to see if people were holding onto tasks and micromanaging or whether they were working at stretch and responsibility was being moved and progressed.


An individual tree contributes to a larger picture that gives different and valuable information about the team. That allows HR and other leaders to track trends and celebrate the successes or make changes. The group liked the sound of that – and so do we.


Thankyou to Deli and Janet for letting me use their amazing tree photo.

By Tasha