‘There’s jobs out there Jim but not as we know them’ James Hick tells BBC Radio 4

There is an interesting snippet on BBC Radio 4 today from James Hick, UK managing director of ManpowerGroup Solutions. He tells us how positive the outlook is for employment and how companies of all kinds are searching for new talent in their pool. James describes this non-traditional workforce as much more part-time and self employed. It is a flexible resource that can be hired in smaller chunks. For individuals this means that we can chose our work life balance but we also need to pay attention to our own development and continually evaluate our career paths. For companies, it is even more important to have robust conversations with the staff we have, in order that we keep the best and brightest and recruit people who will improve results and work well for sometimes small snippets of time.

In James words ‘it is a puzzle’ – I would add that it is easier to solve with help!

You can hear James Hick on BBC Radio4 here