360 ways to measure Influencing....well nearly.

People Development Associates measure Influencing

Ask people around you

Some of the best opportunities for seeing how much you have developed as an influencer can be done with a 360 degree feedback questionnaire. What this does is ask people around you – at all levels – to comment on your influencing so if this is done before and after your training you can compare the scores and get a quantitative as well as qualitative score of how you are doing.

Get a brilliant questionnaire that works online

We have been working closely with Reactive 360 for several years and find their online 360 questionnaire brilliant! They have created questions that reflect the 6 tools we know make a great influencer so you can directly relate your learning to how it is being put into practice. You provide the names of the people you want to nominate for feedback and then they will be sent the questionnaire. You also comment on your own influencing and this is all collected and presented in a way that can be as detailed or as broad brush as you prefer. You are rated according to frequency of doing a particular behaviour so the feedback is easy to score and there is also space to provide comments if people want to elaborate or give some particular information.


Look at the results with someone

Its your call – when the feedback is in, you can look at the feedback and comments and do with it what you will but our suggestion is that you talk it through with a coach, mentor or colleague. This can help to see patterns and talk through any learning points that may catch you by surprise.


Comments are generous gems

Lightbulb moments are often presented in the comments section – these blank slates are spaces for people to offer their contributions and some interesting things can be prompted after looking at the set questions.


You are greater than the sum of the parts….

We love the 360 questionnaire and the insights it brings, but we do know that the feedback is a snapshot of your influencing. For this reason it is a juicy rich measure and one that should be looked at but not treated as the absolute truth.

Try our mini measurer and the results will be emailed to you!