Fierce Conversations O2 – small chunks and remote learning


Remote Locations

We know from talking to you about our Open workshops that there are times when face to face workshops are not a practical option – it could be for budgetary reasons, remote locations or a diary that is so jam packed a day’s training can’t be shoehorned in.


Fierce Conversations O2

So we are thrilled to be offering Fierce Conversations O2 – virtual instructor-led training that is delivered online in 2 hour chunks.


The content is the same as Fierce Conversations and involves virtual break out rooms, a live facilitator, e-workbooks and online chat rooms to connect with one another.


The sessions are interchangeable so you choose which Conversational Model  you would like to work on first. You can even use them to complement face to face programmes in a sustainable way to embed the learning over several sessions.


We will be hosting taster sessions in the New Year so look out for more details and if you would like to know more sooner then please email