Have a conversation with yourself - it could lead somewhere wonderful

Fierce Conversations with ourselves

I received an email this week from a delegate on a previous Fierce Conversations Workshops. He said that he had had a Fierce Conversation with himself about his current role and his future.  The result of which was a career and a country move! It was a dramatic reminder that the conversations we have with ourselves are very powerful and sometimes the ones we put off the most.


To lose one's footing momentarily

What a sequence of events he had set in place – for himself, his family and his company. I could hear the energy in his email. This must be exciting and scary at the same time and be taking an enormous amount of courage. It reminded me of the fabulous words of the 19th Century Danish Philosopher Kierkegaard “ To dare is to lose ones footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself."


And I wish him the very best of luck!