Fierce Conversations Workshop recommended by David Bryant and Paul O'Keeffe

  We were pleased to work with David Bryant, Area Manager  London & Surrey at Andrews & Partners Ltd on our Fierce Open Workshop


'I have held various management positions in a very target-focused industry for 14 years - challenging and ‘confronting’ people is very much part of the job, albeit not an enjoyable one. Now, having received two days of ‘Fierce Conversations’ training from Sarah, David and Paul, I have seen this area in a different, and certainly more positive, light. The topics covered, and techniques trained, focus absolutely on clear, ‘high quality’ conversations as one might expect - they are certainly ‘fierce’, but not aggressive. By following objectives including ‘provoke learning’ and ‘enrich relationships’, ‘Fierce Conversations’ ensures that the important issues are raised, but more than that, they are effectively dealt with (there is a difference!). From my experience, putting my learning into practice has enhanced the quality of my conversations, and in turn, has increased the ‘wins’ for me and my team'


And Paul O'Keeffe, Partner at Thomas Tosh, Dumfries.


'Fierce Conversations is one of the best courses I have ever attended. When you are on the course, and using the accompanying manuals, hard to crack problems get a massive dose of sense. So you can go back to work, get on better with your colleagues, and achieve what you really want.'